NFA Garden Party Buckingham Palace!

The annual Tea at Buckingham Palace for the NFA..Always so humberling, The NFA achieve so much for the Veterans and give them such a special day at the Tea Party... Peter Andre was so generous to all, chatting and having pictures with everyone, as did Pam St Celements,Bernie Cliffton,Freddie Parrotface Hannah Gordon,Erin Boig,Terrance Stamp,Nigel Planer, Lettuce and Sherry Rowbotham,Chico,Jean Fergussion,Swingtime Sweethearts,The guys from Gogglebox
A lovely afternoon in glorious weather ... also seeing lovely friends Sir Major Michael and Lady Emma Parker,Judy Green ,Billy Differ. The garden just amazes me as its in the center of London, we all travel around it... but being inside its a special place.... and no weeds!!!!