Dear Friends, I am in heart felt admiration for the amazing  Amy Golden
I cannot express how I feel I receiving the information of Amy's production of 'GET ON WITH IT" her mother and dear friend  Joan Golden sent to me, Amy has touched so many lives ...her humour and optimism has always astounded me, that she has created a production through all her
difficulties ... through total support of her parents Joan and Allan who's engery and love has always been there for Amy to try and do everything possible ... This really is amazing.... Even if you can't see the production please forward and share the hand bill ....It may just touch SOMEONE as it has me, to go and support
Please read below

Amy is 33 years old and has been profoundly disabled since contracting a serious illness at 3 weeks old. She has normal intelligence though no speech and can only control her right hand, which she uses to point to a word board for all communication and for driving her wheelchair.
She has a quirky view on life and despite her huge challenges and limitations is just happy to be part of it.
She joined ChickenShed Theatre group at age 16 and has performed in many of their Productions.


A New Musical by Amy Golden and Craig Christie


In April last year, Radio BBC4’s 'Four Thought' programme broadcasted English creative writer, Amy Golden’s story, “See It From My Eyes” . On the other side of the globe, in Melbourne, Australia, Craig Christie (director, writer, composer) heard the broadcast and was impacted by Amy’s writing, her wit and the bravado of her penmanship. A theatre-maker with a passion for “telling stories that matter”, Craig was compelled to meet Amy. He was on his way to UK for a few months, he contacted Amy, they did meet, and thus began the mechanisms for a powerful new musical, the story of Amy’s life, titled “Get On With It”

“Get on With It” is a musical exploration and celebration of the world of Amy Golden, a young woman who lives with cerebral palsy, but whose life is rich, poignant and often hilarious. Part autobiography and part fiction, this new musical is a collaboration between London based Amy and Australian musical theatre writer, Craig Christie. It weaves its way through episodes from Amy’s life, issues that she must contend with on a day-to-day basis, the antics of friends, family and people she encounters. “Get On With It” contains some profound observations explored through beautiful imagery and songs of Amy’s life as it is, as well as how she wishes it could be. This is a challenging, enlightening and ultimately uplifting theatrical experience that will leave audiences redefining their notion of what is possible, not only for people with disability, but for themselves, if they follow Amy’s advice and .…..Get On With It.

Script by Amy Golden and Craig Christie based upon the BBC4 broadcast “See It Through My Eyes” by Amy Golden. Music and lyrics by Craig Christie (except 'So Close and Yet So Far' lyrics Amy Golden)
Music Director and musical arrangements by Allan Rogers
Directed by Craig Christie
Starring Amy Golden as