Horse show 2018!

Here at Olympia working on the annual Olympia Horse Show with the show Finale !

so Rehearsals are done open tomorrow … Thanks to all at Birds College … and all the team….!


What a Party! Thanks to all at Trevor George Entertainment the fabulous Dancers, Arielists,Drummers,Jugglers and 40 Choir ! All the team at drp amazing creation of theme setting for event, in every area, the crew, lighting, sound . Stage management special Thanks to Holly Andrews producer of Event and to CEO of Drp Dale Parmenter for his vision and style !

Circus of Dreams

Always a pleasure to work with David and Tony of @IMPACT ARTISTS who have produced Party events all over the Uk for this festive season, multi Talented they have great Acts for every kind of Event and apart from that they ar the ACRO CHAPS who are just brilliant!

Southampton Circus of Dreams


A great day with the Generation Family so to speak! At Dance Attic in the studio! not only the monthly class but it was filmed for finger crossed a pilot Tv Programme… they would so love that xx they worked so hard today ! bless em and love them all it very special ….


Always great working with the lovely Debbie Astell of TIMES TWO PRODUCTIONS on her

CURRY AWARDS Event! We go back a long way to the old All England Days Dance CHAMPIONSHIPS… Happy Days…


FUN ACTION PACKED DAY !THE students were amazing, creating a performance in the day and performing to parents and friends in the afternoon... everyone worked their socks off... The talented students were knock out .. and I was so impressed by the high standard the students are lead by the fabulous Jade Emma Greaves great teacher ( we all missed working with her as a dancer !) and her fab team the lovely Chow Helen Ip and the hysterical Danielle Carson Smith ( very special lady we go back a long way !!! and the best Snow White ever !!! I give them all a mighty 10 !Thank you for inviting me it was a honour ... Thanks to everyone for your help and support Dougie Squires and Reece Campbell

Don't mind if we do!

Its getting to that time of year ! when the festive season starts and its a busy one…

starts off this week with DREAM CIRCUS Christmas party nights in Southampton, Then a rush up to the lakes to RGDA ACADEMY for a Christmas Masterclass Day, Then next week we have the Not Forgotten Association Christmas Part at St James’s Palace, the Generation Dance Christmas Class ( and being filmed for a pilot series) A Major private party in the Midlands with lots of dancers singers acts and choir and musicians before starting on the Olympia Horse show !


Arrived home for the day and tried to sort out as much as possible in the unit .. with hires etc

Had a lovely visit by Barbara Ferris and Una Stubbs they came down to the cottage went and had a lovely lunch, then the next day meetings at Windsor re the Horse Show… then drove to see my brother who arrived from Denmark for dinner ..

Next morning drove to Teignmouth to put on for Adam Sternberg Trevor Georges Showcase

it was a hard 2 days with some great acts and hosting was the fabulous talented BEN LANGLEY … Amazing energy ! a great treat to work with him…

Then had to drive home after the show at 11pm ! As the next day was a farewell to my fathers wife Joan, and to support my father with my brothers Richard and Paul.

then if I wasn’t crazy drove to Sheffield to give a masterclass afternoon.! how far!!!

Drove home shattered … then next day went to see my sister and brother and had a lovely dinner with them in Titchfield, worked at the unit getting costumes ready for some hires … next day back on the motor way AGAIN ! to Birmingham well Wolverhampton for a meeting of a show I am doing in the next few weeks , but my sat nav took me to Dudley … miles away and actually it was in the middle of nowhere ! so was an hour late !!! but all was okay will be an impressive show .

next day again back on the motorway to Kingston for a meeting with Steve Bor re the Ships,

then again back on motor way to Swindon to WILKES to pick up costumes !

again the next day back again on motorway to Cobham to deliver costumes for a hire and then to Old Woking to pick up costumes from an earlier hire !

I think I have caught up… yesterday went to unit and today Wimbolden to deliver some costumes ! no rest for the wicked !!! as they say !!

plus a throw back picture in the Brighton Argus paper from 20years ago with me in Panto! where have the years gone !


Since the class on November 4th… My feet haven’t touched the ground seem to be on a journey everyday ! Felt like i lived on all motorways….

On the 5th got on plane to Genova to board ship MSC ORCHESTRA to check on costumes etc… For Steve Bor of Bor Productions

My first few days I had a balcony cabin… makes all the difference … its a vast ship and you must walk miles each day… Great theatre on board … and the shows are very good…

something i wrote about the shows …

Variety at its best on board the MSC Orchestra with Steve Bor's Bor Productions Viva show, Talented cast, of amazing Artists . Superb Balance trio , Artisque Straps, Ultra fast Latino Duo , Great Singers, Stylish Flamingo Dancers and Steve ’s All Star Fabulous dancers ... congrats to Cast and Crew and all at Bor Productions ... Great to see audience Loving it !!! All success for your South American Voyage !

The ship docked at Marseille, Didn’t get off !!! Barcelona forgotten what a beautiful city it was, been a long time since I have been… had a great time walking the Ramblers …Had a great lunch which was a treat …. so camera was in hand and had a lovely day…

Loved getting up early as I do and watch the sunrising i think i got some good shots…

It docked in Valencia, there again I didn’t get off as weather was rain…. and then Cardiz which I got off and walked about … interesting architecture … so camera in hand walked for hours done interesting cobbled lanes … and a nice lunch in the square ..

next port of call was Lisbon and my time to leave ship… RAIN RAIN oh boy did I get soaked … my flight wasn’t until the evening… went to airport far to early… and it was terminal 2 which is very small and nothing there.. so not knowing to do for 6 hours checking the airport hotel.. best thing I ever did…. got dried and had a sleep… shower and ready for getting home…

Travel has changed so much not for the better, although it accessible for everyone … the queues for everything…. the whole checking in and security….. is stressful, how parents do it with children I just dont know… arrived in Uk at 11pm and fab service of car parking at Gatwick.. great when something works .. glad to get home and see Dougie …


Just to say a huge thank you for a great class today ! The energy in the studio was fab! a wee bit hot and sweaty ! Huge thanks to everyone who helps me along the way... IT IS SO GREAT TO SEE YOU ALL ENJOYING DANCE AND PERFORMING.... fingers crossed for the pilot !!! just be yourselves !!! what a honour it is to be with you all again.... so much love fun and respect ! How things haven't changed ... we still want to impress Dougie .... and he is .... so proud and full of love for you all xxx

Una Stubbs watercolour exhibition at PANTER AND HALL

A busy day in London getting costumes, meeting the lovey Lisa Mathieson on ideas for a new venture and then a lovely catch up with Una, Barbara Ferris Dougie and Judy seeing Una’s gallery exhibition at Panter and Hall in Cecil Court London,

I have always been a huge fan of Una’s paintings… always so witty and the simplicity is so hard to do …. she captures the essence of a situation or a happening… Just Love them….

Also its special as she and Dougie go wayback…. from her dancing days with Dougie and Barbara Ferris who joined us at the lovely gallery .

Then was a naughty treat time… tea at St MARTINS LANE HOTEL…

I felt like Paul Hollywood … the cakes were out of this world … i am still tasting the golden ball chocolate with hazelnut mousse and sponge inside .. I think I have been to heaven……. and the scones lets not go there .. a real treat worthy of a visit…

Trip to Blackpool

No sooner than returning from Scotland back up the motor way to Blackpool

arranging costumes for Bor productions …. while i was there quick phone from Maz could i take a class with the first years ! so I got to meet the first year students at PhilWinston’s Theatreworks

A lovely bunch of students some nice talent there for the future … look forward in meeting the students of 2nd and 3rd years…

Always great to see my friends and best pal .. lovely dinner at the Mandarin fabulous food…

and seeing Molly and Bailey … x


A TRIP Bonnie Scotland ! To judge the STDA. Championships in Dumbarton ! Two great days seeing the Tap, Ballet , jazz Song and Dance all the students from Baby class to senior very high standard ! Some very nice talent great to see the young dancers of tomorrow .... and the costumes they really go to town ! Think there is more sparkle than strictly !

there were 3 of us judging and very interesting at the awards seeing who had won each section

Congratulations to Jan Southerland and her team at STDA, for a fab competition

it was run so smoothly and lovely atmosphere with all the dance schools …

meeting my Danish Great NEPHEWS !

A lovely evening at my sister Janet’s with my brother Richard and wife Hanne one of their sons

the eldest Daniel my nephew his wife Mette and 3 boys and my niece Claire Emily and Mick, Janet and ME !

oh and Doris!!!

So great to see my brother and the love for his family, and what a smashing family they are ….

THE LITTLE ONE IS SO CUTE … Anton and loves food … must be in the genes …..

and lovely to meet Daniels wife Mette …. MUST TRY with brother Paul and Janet to go to Denmark for a weekend !