The past 8 days or whatever has been crazy ! it started after a busy week any rate but then last Friday drove up to Blackpool long overdue as miss my friends up there…and the best 2 Beagles in the world !

Arrived Then to Jamie’s tapas restaurant for great fun meal with my second family,! followed by me playing pool ( I was utter dreadful) moving on to a mad house of the world of Jeannie with karaoke!!! so a late night….

Saturday lovely Play with the beagles Molly and Bailey then a trip to Manchester to the Young Sing before being a judge at Barbara Sharples Choreographic Award with the lovely Rosemarie Ford ( a very quick catch up! ) and seeing president of the ITDA PHIL WINSTON AND CHRIS FARKAS was a very quick hello…

Drove back to Blackpool after the comptetion which by the way was very entertaining some nice work ….and worthy winners ..

Chill day Sunday with a lovely walk on the prom with Molly and Bailey then a drive through old haunts and fab lunch at the Bay Horse Inn near Lancaster

Really the best Sunday Roast! Headed back in time for the BODYGUARD ! With a quick dash to the prom to capture the sunset … could the day of got any better !

Roll on Monday .. meeting with Scott over designs …then a Check Events catch up before heading down on M6!

Dinner at the fabulous Judy Green she cooked up a storm with old friends and the moon was just amazing … then we were staying in a hotel dougie had arranged … it was monastery! how hysterical !!! in the middle of London…..

Tuesday taught all day at Italia Conti’s in the London studios , Very nice students and it was fun hope they enjoyed it … then drive back to the cottage …. Wednesday again teaching at Italia Conti’s Guildford studios which just as much fun… drive back naff traffic to the cottage ….

Thursday costume hire for Wilkes Academy so had to get that all together before driving it to Swindon and return., sorted out costume for Iain Gordon at the Pavilion Glasgow and costumes for Phil Winston’s Theatre Works Been quite a week !!! Friday was driving Dougie around . so by the afternoon was well done in… so had a sleep and now its 4.30 am and can’t sleep….. and i have help with the garden in a couple of hours …. is it true what they say NO REST FOR THE WICKED