This all began with a Young Genera3on /Second Genera3on Reunion Dance Class .

Dancers who had worked for Dougie Squires Young Genera3on & Second Genera3on came together from all over the UK to the Dance AEc London for a reunion in the form of a class.

From a small Face Book group it spread to over 100 people arriving...dancers were calling to be invited even though they hadn't been in the Young and Second Genera3on.

We didn't know what to expect on Sunday, 27 February 2016 but the atmosphere was exci3ng... such energy and enthusiasm. When the music came on the genera3ons of dancers just went back into wan3ng to dance again... performing and being young again... When speaking to them all it was obvious that the respect and discipline of being a dancer had such an impact on all their lives...

Everybody had a brilliant 3me....there was magic in the air.... The age range started from mid-thir3es to dancers over seventy!

The Dance cri3c from the Guardian newspaper Jeffery Taylor came and couldn’t believe the energy and passion that seems so lacking in today’s dancers...

This event sparked off ideas!! There is something special here...

This now has lead onto coming up to its 3rd year we meet every month at Dance AEc

In 2017 Dougie was direc3ng the Dame Vera Lynn 100th Birthday celebra3on at the London Palladium , we asked if any of the dancers would be interested as they used to perform in Dame Vera’s BBC entertainment shows, thinking about 20 would want to perform .. but the response was over 90 ! and all of them did was a very special event and to all the dancers and was a truly amazing experience

one which they haven’t come down from . Hence the plan for 2019 is another charity show we are puEng together!

The class is full of characters and hearing the life stories has been fascina3ng ...

Its full of different Genera3ons of dancers that have become a one genera3on of dance family

the age range is now from 16 to 80 !!!

Many well known people’s careers started working with Dougie and developed their individual styles and professionalism and with dancers that have chosen different paths in their careers.

Dougie’s autobiography was published last year “Dancing through the Genera3ons’

with all the stories and experiences of the of entertainment through the decades and the many stars and dancers he was fortunate to work with .