3 sneaky lunches!

Been a busy week... but  still had time to have some sneaky lunches !

it started off with Saturday Lunch with Major Sir Michael, Lady Emma, Olly, Rebecca, Lily and Zia

Great fun..at the White Lion .Wherewell 

Then Sunday Went to see my dear Mum and have a lovely lunch in Titchfield 

 at the WHEATSHEAF!!!

Then on Thursday Lovely to see Sophie, Louisa and Zoe Tredwell and Sophies Mother  at the ABBOTS MITRE  in Chilbolton 

what with costumes ... emails...  ideas galore...  A trip to London (a fall with a bump on my head )  

Trips to stockbridge ... Weyhill...  Broughton  Andover every other day and seeing to the flowers  at the church everyday !!! Thank goodness its friday !