Must remember when Wilkes have there show the weather is always very hot !

after a horrible journey stuck on A34  which seemed hours of a traffic jam... just got there in the nic of time ... 

well the show was fabulous ... heres what i wrote on fb WOW ! Commitment starts at the top! Nikki Wilkes Suzanne Mole & JonathanWikes and leads through to all the students,teachers,choreographers & Academy Team at  Wilkes Academy
Talent and hard work paid off ! A inspiring night in the theatre seeing the young talent...being given fabulous work and making it their own... the joy of watching was to see how they all worked together ... feeding of each other, Which I feel is lacking so much in performances I see ... That was always the magic of working with Dougie Squires and the generation of dancers .... We sat and watched the show and I saw a tear in his eye at the enjoyment he saw in the young talent. 
congratulations to one and all x

I was lucky enough to given classes there in the past year and always enjoyed the buzz that the college gives you ....  I was also able o work with the students on a couple of jobs etc which they were fabulous ...

good luck to all the 3rd years in the big wide world  wishing you every success !