AT the Royal Cornwall show we created   the Parade for the Prince's Countryside Trust  to celebrate his 70th Year Birthday!

Full of floats, the Royal Plymouth Marine Band ,70 Cornish choir ,70 dancers from Jason Thomas Academy,and the support of over 500 people all involved with the Price's Country side trust.

A fun Parade ... Nerve racking as no rehearsal as such, the previous day we managed to rehearse the floats ... but on the day we had horses cattle sheep dogs & children  and 500 people !

but it all went like clock work ! Dougie was amazing as ever ... the lesson learnt follow up everything ! he is a master at that ! he talked to everybody pre planning the event so  built a relationship with all  so any last minute changes were done so smoothly.

Hats off the amazing Simon Brooks Ward and all the team at H Power !

Prince Charles and Camilla seemed to enjoy the Parade in his Honour !

The weather just stayed unil the end when it rained a little ....

But great to part of the production ! with my ear phones on and queuing  I was happy as larry !