Had a fun week at the Horse show ! it only rained one day ! so it was a good for us at the Band stand where we produced  entertainment  celebrating 75 years of the Royal Horse Show 

and a private show for a King !!! in a fabulous location !

Huge thanks and congratulations to Simon Brooks Ward   producer with his company Horse Power . what a amazing event they create,its on a massive scale and the organisation is first class!

truly unreal what is created . and how it all works . it is always such a pleasure and honour to work for them 

Big Thanks to all our performers The Fabulous Jean Martyn and Jamie Sufir on the piano!

The Wild Tonics,  Jonathan Wilkes's  WILKES ACADEMY DANCERS, The reenactment team and the  Free Spirit choir .

Great Working with Reece Campbell OF CHECKEVENTS  who produces all our shows 

from technical  and all marketing , media, design  and production 

special mention of thanks  to Vine Pianos of Stockbridge  and HT creative of Henley .

and of coarse the one and only Dougie !!!