Arrived home for the day and tried to sort out as much as possible in the unit .. with hires etc

Had a lovely visit by Barbara Ferris and Una Stubbs they came down to the cottage went and had a lovely lunch, then the next day meetings at Windsor re the Horse Show… then drove to see my brother who arrived from Denmark for dinner ..

Next morning drove to Teignmouth to put on for Adam Sternberg Trevor Georges Showcase

it was a hard 2 days with some great acts and hosting was the fabulous talented BEN LANGLEY … Amazing energy ! a great treat to work with him…

Then had to drive home after the show at 11pm ! As the next day was a farewell to my fathers wife Joan, and to support my father with my brothers Richard and Paul.

then if I wasn’t crazy drove to Sheffield to give a masterclass afternoon.! how far!!!

Drove home shattered … then next day went to see my sister and brother and had a lovely dinner with them in Titchfield, worked at the unit getting costumes ready for some hires … next day back on the motor way AGAIN ! to Birmingham well Wolverhampton for a meeting of a show I am doing in the next few weeks , but my sat nav took me to Dudley … miles away and actually it was in the middle of nowhere ! so was an hour late !!! but all was okay will be an impressive show .

next day again back on the motorway to Kingston for a meeting with Steve Bor re the Ships,

then again back on motor way to Swindon to WILKES to pick up costumes !

again the next day back again on motorway to Cobham to deliver costumes for a hire and then to Old Woking to pick up costumes from an earlier hire !

I think I have caught up… yesterday went to unit and today Wimbolden to deliver some costumes ! no rest for the wicked !!! as they say !!

plus a throw back picture in the Brighton Argus paper from 20years ago with me in Panto! where have the years gone !