JOE ALLANS Has moved!

Only a year or so ago I went to one of my favourite long time restaurants Joe Allans and said to Dougie after we spent a day traveling around London... so much has changed in the past 39

years ! We went to Joes in the evening and I said one thing about Joe' s its not changed at all in all these years ... the pictures in the same place ... the menu.... and it was so comforting...

then a few weeks later we hear it was closing !!! oh no I thought!!! BUT THEY SAID NOT FAR AWAY...... Well last week I went twice in one week! its moved just round the corner ..

and glad  to say they brought Joes from around the corner  and made a new home 

its great! actually better ! brought all the familiar posters and pics with them....feels like its been there years !  So change when it works is great !!!