2nd Generation Dance Reunion...!

We had a an amazing day!! Face book was steaming ! with all the photos .. which have been brilliant!

a special day to remember!.. heres what I wrote on fb!

So knocked out by all the lovely comments..... I know how Dougie was so touched by it all.... I just so enjoyed seeing you all ... and how we all still have that passion for dance! I had no idea how to judge it... but seeing you all lap it and dance was thrilling... I have been honoured to work with you all at some point... how many generations were there!!! and proud that we have such a connection...... all due to His lordship!!
My thoughts go out to so may people... how dear Jamie would of loved it, and Gerry.... and Alister ....I hope they were watching!! boy I miss them so much....
Then there was our dancing cums no longer with us... but they were there...... and all our friends who couldn't make it from all over the globe you were missed..

WOW... I know looking back is sentimental... but how we appreciate it now is just fabulous..... and we still have it!!! 

I have a big Thank you to Lisa Mulidore... in putting this in action.....
also I am loving all the photographs!! The diet starts now!lol....
and John Greaves Photos really capture the event that will always cherish..

Thanks to Luke Batchelor for helping out with the techincs!...
and dear friend Judy Green

Thank you all for coming..... hope we can do next year! 

Just to let you know money raised is going to Amy Golden a true inspiration
for her inspiring play ........"GET ON WITH IT " who is raising funds to perform this at Edinburgh Fringe this year.
share the link on Joan Golden page...www.kickstarter.com