Just had a great week with talented artists at this years 'OLYMPIA INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW ' 2016! They say "never work with children and animals '! think we broke the mould there ! 24 Dancers,
10 horses,6 shetland ponies 14 children 7 stunt riders,6 carriage riders, chaperones 6 drummers
a magician and Father Christmas !

A heartfelt thanks for all your hard work !
Michael Jordan High Jinx,Capital Carriages,JBL Racing &Events.
Penny Hard & Joe Radoni & the Knights of Arkley, Spark and all the performers from Birds College .Special thanks to Josh Baker,Bradley SalterRhys Harding Zac Adlam Louis Clarke-Clare Charley Vincent Jorgia VaughanGeorgie Hulland
Special Thanks to the team! Reece Campbell for all your hard work & support and running it so smoothly! Lisa Lee for all your help ! Scott Taylor For opening film sequance  Mark Jordan ! Pat Farmer,and studio Hire at Phil Winston's Theatreworks.
Thanks to Simon Brooks Ward and all at Horse Power and all the team/crew at the Horse Show and all the staff at Olympia and last but not least  Dougie Squires.....