Sad news of Dear Cilla,

What sad news hearing the passing of Cilla, Dougie worked with her in her BBC television shows

in the 60's and 70's and in many Theatre's throughout the uk, My heart goes out to her family and close friends  Christopher Biggins, Jeff Thacker, and her number 1 fan Tim Clarke who on Biggins 60th Dougie introduced Tim to Cilla after years of him loving her, If you know Tim  you know how magic that evening was!!!

I was lucky enough to have met Cilla who had such a warm personality and great fun to be with,

We spent a most wonderful day as guests of Jeff Thacker  and Robert being invited   to the south of France for a celebration dinner at  "COLOMBE DOR' in St Paul De Vance we were flown out and returned the same day... pure fun and a magic memory, Cilla gave a beautiful Speech, The champagne was flowing......Such  FUN...

Cilla then in her kindness supported Dougie on his charity work  for the NFA, she came To Buckingham Palace for a Garden Party on many occasions, meeting the ex military will her warmth and her Star quality!

I took this picture of her at the Garden Party!!