Paul Zerdin America's Got Talent!

The wonders of Facebook, I came across the performance of PAUL ZERDIN

in America's Got Talent, firstly Wow for such a original performance, oh so clever!

great writing, brilliantly performed a class act.... So happy for him that he got the Golden Ticket to the finals

at Radio City Music Hall well deserved!!!

Always have been in admiration of Paul's work over the years, and worked with him on a few events

and he has always been a huge hit with every audience...  He really deserves this big break...

he has worked his socks off over the years, and never been the given the acclaim he deserves here in the UK

for years ago he would of been given his own series to show his multi talented skills with all his characters..

Shame that the light entertainment series  of BBC and ITV  have no room for real workers of talent who have learnt their trade through working it ...instead of reality Talent shows and Celebrity find a new talent!! Wouldn't be great to see re pros working at what they do best!

Although television have tried of late to bring Variety back on the screens,  I feel the formats have  not changed with the times, I know its about viewing figures etc but all thats added for these shows is amazing lighting effects....over shot camera work.... ( let the performer be seen )

learn from the classic producers and directors..... not every thing has been shot like a pop video!

but a new format should be created......May be TV should open its eyes to people who have got the knowledge of the business and how to use television in its true form of being creative....entertaining.

But after my rant!!! Paul did a brave choice in doing Americas Got Talent... So after what I have said.... he obvious made the right decision' if you can't beat them join them!' 

I wish him every success!!!