Friday along the Prom!

After a busy week, that flew passed... there is just not enough time to do all the things one wants and needs to do!

Last saturday took my dear Mum to Manchester station for her return journey back down south,it was lovely having her here... then I spent the day at office going through costumes,such memories pass through your mind when looking through them...happy times...and missing lovely friends and work mates!!! 

Then it was a week rushing around with costumes etc... helping a little bit with the new show at Viva the cabaret venue in Blackpool, getting outfits sorted for Diva who are also appearing at Viva on Mondays during the season.

Just heard that High Jinx are also putting their show on at Viva on Thursday nights ! and Phil Winston's Theatreworks annual performance for the collage in July is on at Viva so Viva is the place to be!!!

I working with the 2nd and 3rd students on a production number for the has everything but the kitchen sink in it!! so hopefully it will be a fun number!!!

Busy in the office, Reece great support as ever, He was well happy this week as he got a iwatch... well jealous!

its amazing !so cool.... I think the Apple Brand is just simply the best.... the style,the quality... they just know how to 

do it ! brilliantly.....

Dougie has been working on his book, and planning the Q90 celebration for next year, and fingers crossed

he will be working on a film !

Went for a lovely meal with Dougie,Reece and Scott, Reece this week took his Mum Terry to get her a dog...

which they returned with, I haven't met Lucy yet but bless it looks like a mop... So I thought I was doing really well of late  talking about getting a dog and thought Dougie said we could have one... but at the dinner he said NO!!!

so I have not done well on that front! So will just enjoy Scott and Reece's Molly when she comes to visit.

So many things happened this week.... but friday night camera in hand  drove down the prom and snapped away!