I was thrilled to be asked to be a judge on this years 50th celebration of the Janet Cram awards,

So memories flooded back as it was in Cecil Sharp House where 44 years ago I mean 44 years ago!!!

that I won the award, it was as if time hasn't changed!!!

It was lovely to see familiar faces and friends and of coarse my proud Mum and sister Janet who is a examiner

for ISTD, just fabulous to see Norma Arnold,(beautiful as ever)Vicky McDonald,Kim Miller brought back such happy happy memories!! what a lucky childhood I had with such lovely people,all thanks to my smashing family!

Judging was hard as all the students were of high standard, so it became personal choice for the winner!

Here is a picture of my beloved Miss Mavis Butler with me when I won the award in 71! she would of been so proud that I was there.... Happy Days!!!