A costume I created with a fab team for Jack whitehall!

it was created in less than 24 hours and it was  a brilliant job produced !

here is the link of Jack White Hall You tube ( its the last 7 minutes !)

blink and you will miss me fitting him !!!


Had a fun week at the Horse show ! it only rained one day ! so it was a good for us at the Band stand where we produced  entertainment  celebrating 75 years of the Royal Horse Show 

and a private show for a King !!! in a fabulous location !

Huge thanks and congratulations to Simon Brooks Ward   producer with his company Horse Power . what a amazing event they create,its on a massive scale and the organisation is first class!

truly unreal what is created . and how it all works . it is always such a pleasure and honour to work for them 

Big Thanks to all our performers The Fabulous Jean Martyn and Jamie Sufir on the piano!

The Wild Tonics,  Jonathan Wilkes's  WILKES ACADEMY DANCERS, The reenactment team and the  Free Spirit choir .

Great Working with Reece Campbell OF CHECKEVENTS  who produces all our shows 

from technical  and all marketing , media, design  and production 

special mention of thanks  to Vine Pianos of Stockbridge  and HT creative of Henley .

and of coarse the one and only Dougie !!!

write up on High Jinx !

A Blackpool magician was among the artistes showcasing Britain’s status as an events’ destination at a glittering international gala. Michael Jordan’s High Jinx show, which runs at Viva Blackpool throughout the year, was one of the acts taking part in the launch of MeetGB - a VisitBritain conference aimed at encouraging overseas firms to host their major corporate events in the UK. The gala night took place at Church House, Westminster Abbey. It was directed and choreographed by former Pleasure Beach artistic director Antony John and also featured Blackpool circus artiste Valerie Murzac. Michael, from Huddersfield, is back in Blackpool with his High Jinx family magic show for the seventh year. “It was an incredible show to be part of,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of big corporate jobs before but this was a different level. “The whole idea of the event was to tell big companies that they can and should have their big corporate days and events in Britain instead of going abroad to places like Dubai. 

Blackpool gazzette !

A trip to Blackpool!

It has been a crazy busy month! but enjoyable !!! even got a quick trip up north for a lovely weekend with friends ... and a bit of work.... preparing for the Royal Windsor Horse Show !

and Prince Charles celebration !  Had a lovely weekend and seeing my 2 favourite girls !


Went back to area I used to live in Surrey Quays .... it has changed so much !!!

to the fabulous dance studios at Canada Water ! to give a class for Mark Shorts TSF DANCERS 

A Fun class! such a lovely group of Dancers !

VISIT BRITAIN! at Church Yard

A Gala show for Check Events  for  Visist Britain for Adam Sternberg of Sternberg Clarke 

Great Dancers from Wilkes Academy, and fabulous Acts,High Jinx, Valerie, Acro Chaps, wandering Hands , Ember, Feeding the Fish, Oble ,  the evening was a great success !


A lovely venue at Phyllis court  where Check Events put a show on for Adam at Sternberg Clarke .

A class venue ... with Class Acts!.



Another 2 sold out nights at the CRAZY COQS this time with THE SWEETEST SOUNDS OF 

RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN ... The reaction was excellent!  Robert Meadmore and Claire Moore were in top form along with musical director  Jamie Safir .such an entertaining evening !

Proud of mr Squires ! for  devising  both THE SWEETEST SOUNDS OF RODGERS AND HART 

AND RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN...lets look to the future of this show ... so watch this space !!!

Big Thanks to all envolved ...






where does time go !

I can't believe where the 4 years have gone since I had amazing holiday in South Africa in Cape Town.. just had the best of times....... with the best of friends xxx

Photos from the past!

A  surprise email from from someone we met over 35 years ago sent Photos of a show we did 

in Baden Baden ... All my friends and I  sort of remember this show ! but we went so many times to Germany  for television  shows ..Baden Baden  I loved .... but this photos have pushed the old memory bank !

costume hire

A little hire to Debbie Astell long time friend ... we have know each other from the ages of 7 I think... She  has a successful company TIMES TWO PRODUCTIONS   always lovely to work with friends ...


On Friday I was in London for meetings..and it was warm... no jacket ....

saturday snowed in..... sunday snowed in... looks beautiful but  keeping behind with everything !

catch up!

I miss my friends ... then get to see them twice in one week... 

For being ever so supportive   to Dougie and I  when putting on a show...

Then inviting us for the weekend  to their new home for a relaxing weekend 

Just fabulous!  and seeing my two favourite Girls  Molly and Bailey, and Don and Terry with Reece    and Scott  for a  great sunday lunch .. just perfect....  and love their new house its stunning !.

Ken Dodd

Respect for Ken Dodd passing....

I choreographed a panto  that he was starring.... The longest length ever !!

I think he just did the second half ....and rounded up the whole story in 2 mins !

thank goodness in those days they didn't have school performances !!!

Dougie told me a sweet story....

Dougie on Ken Dodd.... Dougie was choreographing Ken’s BBC TV series ...Ken. didn’t like rehearsing and on the first week everyone was getting worried as he hasn’t showed up for rehearsals for 4 days and they were recording the next day .... he arrived in the afternoon full of apologises.... Sorry DOUGIE I got lost On the M1 !