The Youngest Generation Class


The Youngest Generation class at Pineapple ! Great to see the young students from RGDA, Rumney Greaves Dance Academy come down to Pineapple all the way from the Lake District for a class ! Real fun bless them ! they took so much trouble looking fab in there T-shirts ! I was very touched ... Also A huge thanks for the presents ... just love my Mug !!! Thank you Chow Helen Ip What a special treat for the Young dancers .. Hope they enjoyed School of Rock !and also Thank you to Jade Emma Greaves for loan of students ! great to see the mums join in as well !!!!

AUGUST CLASS hot hot hot

Knocked out how many of the gang arrived for class on the hottest day of the year !

so it was good  good fun sweaty work out day !  it such a joy to see everyone and all make such a effort to come  from the Devon, Isle of Wight  and the Lake District !  all over UK makes it very special..... 

Lovely Summer ...

It is so lovely waking up to this incredible summer  of sunshine ....

I know we all moan at how hot it is .... and trust me is a nightmare for the garden!

but I am enjoying it... it just makes you not want to work at all ...

Had a lovely walk in the village last night ... Mulling over things .....

my walk in the village  pic !

Splendid Sunday !

Had a lovely Sunday Lunch in Titchfield  then pinched my sisters car  and went for a drive all around Lee on Solent and Gosport .. Which I haven't  really been to since I was a boy !

Happy memories !!


The Generation  July Dance class  on Sunday was a hot one...

but knocked out at the all the gang that turned up to the class...

it was great as ever to see everyone .. so choose a Michael Buble

as a cool number !!!

Dance is in the soul and passion it never leaves you... its great to see my fellow friends rekindle their emotions ...

Something I wrote 4 years ago still stands today !

I just hope there is the work out there for all these talented performers!

July 7, 2014 · 

I wish I had the time to see all the talent that is coming out of the amazing colleges we have in this country, the standard of these show performances are second to none, the training of dance is so strong and all students performing with passion and strength,congrats to all Principals, Teachers and Choreographers for pushing the boundaries of performing and dance.....



Must remember when Wilkes have there show the weather is always very hot !

after a horrible journey stuck on A34  which seemed hours of a traffic jam... just got there in the nic of time ... 

well the show was fabulous ... heres what i wrote on fb WOW ! Commitment starts at the top! Nikki Wilkes Suzanne Mole & JonathanWikes and leads through to all the students,teachers,choreographers & Academy Team at  Wilkes Academy
Talent and hard work paid off ! A inspiring night in the theatre seeing the young talent...being given fabulous work and making it their own... the joy of watching was to see how they all worked together ... feeding of each other, Which I feel is lacking so much in performances I see ... That was always the magic of working with Dougie Squires and the generation of dancers .... We sat and watched the show and I saw a tear in his eye at the enjoyment he saw in the young talent. 
congratulations to one and all x

I was lucky enough to given classes there in the past year and always enjoyed the buzz that the college gives you ....  I was also able o work with the students on a couple of jobs etc which they were fabulous ...

good luck to all the 3rd years in the big wide world  wishing you every success !

Dame Gillan Lynne DBE

I want to pay my respect and loving thoughts to friends ,dancers performers, production teams,and Peter Land at the sad passing of Dame Gillan Lynne DBE . 
Its been very touching reading the comments and out pouring of love to a very talented lady, I looked back at her remarkable! a inspiration to us all...

taking camera for a walk !

Took my camera for a walk ! as I have no dogs !!! to be fair It would be impossible to have one !

and if I walk alone I get the strangest looks ! so took the camera to the village and local fields ..

it is so mid somer Murders lol ! ( plus I DIDNT SEE A SOLE ON MY WALK LOL !)

Flying visit to Dubai!

A flying visit to Dubai... here for meetings... fingers crossed!!

great to see the development it just gets bigger and bigger  and impressive!

wish I could of stayed longer !!!


The local Village twisted my arm to let our little thatch  show its garden  for the annual WHERWELL GARDEN DAY !

Oh the stress that it caused me ! getting the garden ready  in no time as I was busy with work so it  was  a little busy! It   was harsh and with the glorious weather  was quite a strain on the garden due to the heat !

so by the nic of time it was as ready as it was ever going to be lol  open to the public!

I was very humbled ! that people seemed to like it... i enjoy our garden .. its my thinking time !!!

and wish i could have a bottom list pit of money for it !!!

over 250 people attended our little garden ! ( I thought about 20 at the most)

So with  all the gardens it raised over £1,500 for the local Church bless!

Phil Winston's Theatre works THE WORKS !


Check Events just produced for Phil Winston's Theatreworks “THE WORKS " at the Lowther Theatre, Under the direction of Reece Campbell from venue hire to lighting design, sound design, stage mangement, and marketing design and filming.



AT the Royal Cornwall show we created   the Parade for the Prince's Countryside Trust  to celebrate his 70th Year Birthday!

Full of floats, the Royal Plymouth Marine Band ,70 Cornish choir ,70 dancers from Jason Thomas Academy,and the support of over 500 people all involved with the Price's Country side trust.

A fun Parade ... Nerve racking as no rehearsal as such, the previous day we managed to rehearse the floats ... but on the day we had horses cattle sheep dogs & children  and 500 people !

but it all went like clock work ! Dougie was amazing as ever ... the lesson learnt follow up everything ! he is a master at that ! he talked to everybody pre planning the event so  built a relationship with all  so any last minute changes were done so smoothly.

Hats off the amazing Simon Brooks Ward and all the team at H Power !

Prince Charles and Camilla seemed to enjoy the Parade in his Honour !

The weather just stayed unil the end when it rained a little ....

But great to part of the production ! with my ear phones on and queuing  I was happy as larry !


ASTONISHING ! P&O Britania !

Invited by dear friend Jonathan Wilkes  who has produced with Stephen Mulhern  'Astonishing'

For a VIP launch performance on board the P&O Britania on Sunday 17th !

With Dougie Reece and Scott  We boarded the ship to a lovely champagne reception!

followed by the show and then afternoon tea... all laid on beautifully ! such a lovely event to attend, The show was great congrats to all involved !!!

pic of the week !

When you can't be in 2 places at once ! we missed the NFA GARDEN PARTY at Buckingham Palace  as we were working on HRH Prince Charles's Countryside Parade  at the ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW ... so Lisa and Judy held court ! JUST LOVE THIS PIC !!!


Generation Class !

That was a hot one ! felt like we must of lost 2 stone ... how I wish ...

great seeing everyone enjoying and having fun....  you can't beat a great track ...

it put a smile on everyones faces!!! Love Earth Wind and Fire  with help from Justin Timberlake !

Trolls is a good album lol !

next date July 8TH!!!